Management Team

Behind every good business is a leader with a vision.

Management Team

NextService Founder Annaliese Kloe used her extensive experience and knowledge of service based businesses to create this award winning product.


Annaliese Kloe


Having a long and successful career spanning 15 years in Business Management, Strategy, Marketing and ERP & CRM systems, Annaliese leads the company, taking a hands-on approach in her role as Klugo’s Director.

Armed with a Degree in Business & Information Management, a Master of Marketing and also a Master of Business Administration (MBA), not only does Annaliese have the qualifications on paper, but also the real world experience of running her own successful business over the last 12 years as the Managing Director of Headland Machinery.

Annaliese has a passion for business, an inner sense of drive and the strength to move businesses forward in a changing landscape. Her experience in business growth and structural organizational change, along with the implementation of new systems in line with business requirements will deliver the business results for the future.

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