PoolWerx Case Study

Poolwerx is one of the world’s largest pool and hot tub / spa maintenance providers with United States operations headquartered in Dallas, TX. The corporate team supports dedicated Franchise Partners and thousands home owners and commercial businesses throughout the Sunbelt Region. With multiple awards their goal is to continue growth through commitment to providing excellent service.

Business Challenges

Poolwerx struggled with several computer systems meaning manual workarounds to manipulate data before they shifted to NextService. Busy franchisees had to navigate through various software packages while customers were kept waiting so there was an urgent need to ensure quicker response times. It was difficult to manage service calls, billing and chemicals used on each job making planning regular repeating maintenance jobs difficult.

This caused;

  • Routes not being organized methodically which increased the daily hours travelled by technicians.
  • Not being able to see “see” routes with pools in the same neighbourhood.
  • A lack of information about pool history and chemical usage in advance, often resulting in incorrect billing.
  • Technicians not having in-field data regarding the customers’ existing pool equipment and not having correct tools and inventory ready at the start of jobs.
  • Difficulty visualising and scheduling new jobs around jobs already booked and the ability to track field technicians real time location.
  • Technicians not being able to see what their individual route map looked like making it hard to decide about where to go next, even for lunch stops.

“Customers can order weekly maintenance on a specific day of the week at a specific time. It was hard to see which technician would be available for the selected time slot, and often with jobs that required durations of a few months. We didn’t have a tool that let us visualize our scheduling” Ben Forrest – Senior VP Franchise Development

Business Outcomes

“We needed to get away from lots of different proprietary systems that were dated, becoming expensive and difficult to support. We wanted to be on the cloud and have access from anywhere at any time especially from mobile devices” Ben Forrest – Senior VP Franchise Development.

One System

Franchisees experience very busy periods, especially on weekends, and flicking between different software solutions was time consuming, increased staff training overhead and added the additional risk of human error. Conversely Poolwerx now have just one system to view all service jobs on a map as well as the real time location of service staff. Another significant benefit of partnering with NextService has been the greatly reduced administration time previously spent on workarounds and amending mistakes.

Scheduling Simplified

The graphical scheduler shows every available time slot for service teams resulting in Poolwerx reducing the need to spend time communicating with field staff when a customer has an onsite emergency. “We can now see where they are and just book them, making the process so much quicker and providing a much better customer experience.” When a customer wants to purchase weekly pool service, Poolwerx can see who is available then schedule the time slots. NextService has made it a breeze to reassign jobs if a team member takes PTO as the system updates automatically (as does the mobile app) which means a reduction in the number of calls back and forth. The process is now quick and streamlined.

Built In Maps

The scheduler allows Poolwerx to see service jobs on the map and plan routes more efficiently, helping the technicians to avoid extra hours in traffic which makes their lives easier. This reduction in team members crisscrossing through neighbourhoods has made them more productive, resulting in improved customer service levels.

Mobile App

The mobile app lists all the jobs for their service team which has enabled them to better plan their work schedules. Having more comprehensive information about the customers, pool history and prior jobs ensures that they know what parts and equipment they will need. This is especially helpful for repair jobs as this has reduced trips back to base, or to vendors, and also reduced travel time.

Solution Summary

  • NextService Mobile Field Service Management Solution
  • Built in, on and for NetSuite
  • Scheduler
  • Customer Asset Management
  • Mobile Application

“Vast improvements in efficiency have not only helped us be more productive for our customers, but it’s also reduced stress within the business.” Ben Forrest – Senior VP Franchise Development

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