Below are some common questions asked by our new and existing clients. You can also raise a support ticket directly to one of our friendly technical support staff.

Before Submitting a Support Ticket

Please see some questions and answers below may be of assistance.

Who is my software agreement with?

Your software agreement for NextService is with Next Technik.

What’s happening to my contract?

On the anniversary of your renewal we will roll you onto a new contract with Next Technik.

We bought NetSuite and NextService through Klugo, does this impact us?

Klugo will continue to support both your NetSuite instance and NextService. The only difference is your software license renewal for NextService will come from Next Technik.

Where does support come from?

We have local support teams in Melbourne – Australia and Dallas TX – USA. Depending on your location support will be provided from your time zone.

I’m confused about NextService and Next Technik!

NextService is a product developed by Next Technik. We plan to develop more products on the NetSuite platform just like NextService!

How do I request more mobile licenses if I need them?

If you purchased NetSuite and NextService through a NetSuite / NextService Solution Provider, your partnership is with the Solution Provider and your
Account Manager can help with additional mobile licenses.
If you have purchased the software direct with Next Technik you can request additional mobile licenses by sending an email to [email protected] or by contacting your Account Manager.

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